Service - Normprüfungen

MIL-STD-810G Method 508.6


The purpose of this fungus test is to assess the extent to which materiel will support fungal growth and how any fungal  growth  may  affect  performance  or  use  of  the  materiel.    The  primary  objectives  of  the  fungus  test  are  to

a.  if the materials comprising the materiel, or the assembled combination of same, will support fungal growth, and if so, of what species.   

b.  how rapidly fungus will grow on the materiel.  

c.  how fungus affects the materiel, its mission, and its safety for use following the growth of fungus on the materiel.  

d.  if the materiel can be stored effectively in a field environment.  

e.  if there are simple reversal processes, e.g., wiping off fungal growth.